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  1. Linen Table Napkins 22" x 22" - White
    When food is being served at your event or occasion then napkins are likely to be needed. These white napkins are durable and match our ... More


  2. White Banqueting Chair Cover
    Chair covers offer an extra touch of class to events like weddings, ensuring uniformity of colour and a graceful elegance. These chair c... More


  3. Square Banqueting Tablecloth 54" x 54" - White
    If you're looking for a white tablecloth for a 3ft round table, this is the tablecloth you need. This strong and durable tablecloth will... More


  4. Square Banqueting Tablecloth 70" x 70" - White
    Are you looking for a tablecloth to fit a 4' round table? This white 70" x 70" tablecloth will do the job perfectly. These tablecloths a... More


  5. Square Banqueting Tablecloth 90" x 90" - White
    White table linen is often a must for formal events and these 90" x 90" tablecloths are just the ticket if that is what you need. These ... More


  6. Oblong Banqueting Tablecloth 70" x 108" - White
    These tablecloths are one of the most common pieces of linen for hire that are used. Suitable for all kinds of formal events, these tabl... More


  7. Circular Banqueting Tablecloth 90" - White
    Do you need white linen for your next event or special occasion? These white tablecloths are strong and durable and are great for 5' cir... More


  8. Oblong Banqueting Tablecloth 70" x 144" - White
    One of the larger sizes of white table linen is this 70" x 144" tablecloth. Strong and durable, this tablecloth is suitable for our larg... More


  9. Oblong Banqueting Tablecloth 90" x 132" - White
    These tablecloths are one of our most rented, as they are the standard size for a 6' rectangular table. Strong and durable, these white... More


  10. 6' Fitted Banqueting Tablecloth - White
    White is the standard colour for table linen at many events and occasions. These white tablecloths are great for 6' rectangular tables, ... More


  11. 6' Fitted 3-sided Banqueting Tablecloth - White
    Are you using a banqueting table to serve customers or guests at an event or occasion? These fitted white tablecloths are perfect to mak... More


  12. White Stretch Tablecloth - For Poseur Tables
    Sometimes it's essential to cover a poseur table. These white stretch tablecloths are designed to go with our metallic poseur tables and... More


  13. Circular Banqueting Tablecloth 120" - White
    White is a common choice for linen hire, and these circular tablecloths are no exception. They're strong and durable, and fit 6' round t... More


  14. Circular Banqueting Tablecloth 132" - White
    The largest of our circular tablecloths is the 132" round, which will drape to the floor when used with a 6' round table. These white cl... More


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