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Use our rope and post hire to help bring order and control to your event. Whether it's to section off an area or to make something stand out, we've got what you need.

Our ropes and posts for hire are one of the essentials of event hire along with our tensabarriers. They’re useful for all kinds of situations, are easy to set up and take down.

What kinds of barrier hire are there?

We offer three main types of barrier hire for use at events and occasions in Bristol and the surrounding area. These consist of barrier ropes and posts, tensabarriers and picket fences.

In our experience, ropes and posts are most often used when a VIP section needs to be created at an event; for example the classic red carpet entrance. While the ropes and posts work as a means of delineating space, they are for decorative value only and can't be used as any kind of security.

We offer rope barrier hire in a multitude of colours, as well as both chrome and gold-coloured metal posts. Ropes have a clip at each end to allow them to be attached to posts. These clips can also be in chrome and gold-coloured configurations.

Tensabarriers are often used to create queuing areas as they are easy to move and clip into place. The posts each contain a 2m retractable tape with a clip on the end, which can be attached to another tensabarrier or a wall-mounted clip. Each post has space to accept three tensabarrier clips, making it possible to link multiple tensabarriers to one point to create more complex queueing space if required.

Our picket fences for hire are a great decorative way of sectioning space into areas and in our experience are particularly useful for big outdoor festivals and exhibitions. Our fences are painted white and are free-standing in supplied “feet” but cannot be linked to each other.

How do I work out how much barrier hire I need?

While easy to set up, knowing how many ropes and posts needed is a little bit more of an art form. For a straight line, there is always one more post needed than ropes; more complex arrangements will differ and it’s always worth drawing out first to make sure you’ve got it right. Sizing is important to understand too; while ropes are 1.5m long it’s de rigueur to allow them to “sag” a little, so you should allow 1.2m for each rope.

Tensabarriers are a bit easier to deal with. They come with a post and one stretchy piece of fabric which recoils into the post when not clipped to another post. Simply measure the distance needed to block off, and divide by 2m to get the number of posts needed. Up to three posts can be attached to one tensabarrier post, allowing multiple sections to be created easily.

Picket fences are 6ft (1.83m) long and do not interconnect. They're designed more for decorative purposes than security, and as such one should allow for a little bit of space between them. To work out how many picket fences are needed, simply take the dimensions of the space that you wish to encircle and divided by 2m for each picket fence, remembering to leave a bigger gap for your entrance / exit.

How does delivery of rope and post hire work?

All ropes, posts and barriers are checked and cleaned prior to dispatch. They’re very easy to set up, and can be ready to go in minutes.

It’s easier than ever to find out the delivery and collection costs to and from your venue for event hire. Tap the Expo Hire Bristol & Avon logo from any page on the website to be taken to the homepage where you will find our carriage calculator button. Enter your postcode into the clever widget and not only will it tell you what the carriage cost is to that venue but also which of our websites is closest so that you don’t pay any more than you should.

You’ll also find a list of all our possible extra surcharges on that page. If applicable, these are confirmed in the checkout once you have confirmed your delivery address along with dates of delivery and collection. They’re itemised in full before you make payment so that there are no nasty surprises, and you know exactly what you are paying for.