The wedding season is almost upon us and already we are taking orders for beautiful ceremonies all around the region. A question we often get asked about wedding hire is one of numbers; when the right time to commit to an order is and if an order can be adjusted up or down if numbers of guests change.

As with anything, the earlier an order is placed the better as availability is limited and can be stretched in really busy periods. However, with many functions being run on a strict budget there can be a real antipathy towards hiring any wedding hire equipment that is not going to be used and we can understand why customers might be reluctant to hold back their order.

However, while budgeting to the penny can appear to be the course of wisdom, experience tells us that it can lead to problems which are much costly. Despite our best efforts to guard against them, accidents and problems sometimes do happen. The old maxim that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure is one to really bear in mind.

This is why we recommend that if at all possible, it’s worth ordering a little bit of spare equipment. Crockery can get broken in transit; linen can get torn accidentally and someone’s great uncle Jim might decide that lack of RSVP be damned, he will make an effort to turn up.

If only exact numbers of items are hired then these kinds of situations can lead to very time critical issues which are almost impossible for us to fix. For the sake of 22p for a dinner plate or 15p for a spoon is it worth risking not having enough?

Our recommendation from past experience is ordering 10% extra crockery and cutlery. We understand that some might balk at this figure but from our thousands of deliveries of wedding hire we’re sure that an extra 10% of wedding hire will fix the vast majority of little problems at a wedding reception or function.

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